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  • Charlo Montana

Charlo was originally a trail crossing for freighters hauling grain and other goods from the rich Ronan Valley to the railroad at Dixon. The place was first called Big Flat, then Charlotte, and later Charlo, in honor of Chief Charlo of the Flatheads, one of the few chiefs who refused to sign Special Commissioner James A. Garfield's order (August 27, 1872) removing all Indians of the region to the Jocko reservation. Joseph Dixon, a governor and US Senator, was instrumental in establishing the name Charlo. (from Cheney's Names on the Face of Montana, Mountain Press Publishing Company)

  • Polson Montana

Incorporated April 5, 1910, Polson has a history of lumbering, ranching and steamboats. The city was named after pioneer rancher David Polson. Steamboats played a major part in early transportation of freight and passengers. The tugboat "Paul Bunyan" was instrumental in early logging operations.

  • Ronan Montana

Originally settled by Salish residents in 1883, this town was called Spring Creek for the local warm springs that flow into the nearby Flathead River. Residents changed the name to Ronan Springs in 1893 as a tribute to Maj. Peter Ronan, who served as the Flathead Indian Reservation agent from 1877 until his death in 1893. Ronan experienced a sudden boom when the federal government opened the Flathead Indian Reservationn to non-Indian homesteading in 1910. (Copyright 2009, Montana Historical Society: Montana Place Names from Alzada to Zortman Montana Historical Society Research Center Staff)

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